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The Northland Orthopaedic Centre is a modern, purpose-built facility designed for the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. The Centre is located in the heart of the Kensington medical precinct and contains consulting rooms and a day stay operating theatre.


The clinic has 9 Orthopaedic surgeons consulting and performing ambulatory surgery from the facility. All of the surgeons have subspecialty fellowship training in different aspects of Orthopaedic surgery and the group is able to provide expertise in all aspects of musculoskeletal disorders.



Comprehensive spine service involving all aspects of operative and non operative spinal care.


Upper Limb

The surgeons working at the Northland Orthopaedic Centre have extensive expertise in the management of upper limb disorders. This includes the utilization of the most advanced arthroscopic techniques and state of the art techniques to manage arthritic joints.


Lower Limb

Northland Orthopaedic Centre surgeons can manage all pelvic and lower limb disorders. This includes using advanced arthroscopic techniques for the treatment of hip, knee and ankle disorders. In addition the surgeons are utilizing advanced operative and non operative methods to manage arthritic conditions affecting the lower limb joints.  


Northland MRI Scan

Northland Orthopaedic Center Management Limited is a shareholder in the Northland MRI scan.

Unfortunately there is currently only one private MRI scanning facility in Northland .

If however you wish to have your MRI scan performed by an alternative provider in Auckland, please notify your specialist. 

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